In light of the April 18-20 decisions from Governor DeSantis and the Santa Rosa County School District, SRCS will continue online learning through the end of the school year. Although we have missed seeing our students and had hoped for them to return, we know that this decision is the right decision to protect our families.


Please read through the following questions and answers to help with future planning:


What school events have been canceled?

 The following events have been canceled for this school year:

  • Baseball and Softball Seasons

  • Spring Concert

  • Sports Banquet

  • Achievement Testing

  • Pool Olympics

  • Junior/Senior Banquet

  • High School Final Exams

  • Closing Day Award Ceremonies (some academic awards will be distributed)


The final day of classes will be Wednesday, May 20.


What school events may be rescheduled or held virtually?

 We hope we will be able to hold some type of high school graduation ceremony either by the end of May or even during the summer if feasible. Although a full K5 graduation program is not possible (requires a lot of practice), we are thinking through options for either a virtual ceremony or some type of graduation celebration for our kindergarteners. More information will be sent once Governor DeSantis makes future decisions related to the current restrictions.


Will the elementary and academy continue what they are doing now?

 Yes, academy students will follow the same daily schedules and meet with their teachers live. The elementary will also continue with the Abeka videos and packets; additionally, teachers are meeting with students either through Facebook live or through periodic Zoom meetings to add face-to-face interaction. Grades and attendance are being recorded for the rest of the year.


The next elementary packet pick-up will occur on Wednesday, April 22, and a packet exchange will take place on Friday, May 1. Teachers/staff will run their designated routes to pick-up or deliver to your place of residence. Teachers who may need to run their routes on different days will contact you.


When will we collect any remaining belongings and return textbooks?

 On Thursday, May 21, families may stop by the school anytime from 8 AM to 4 PM to drop off textbooks, final packets, and borrowed technology in addition to collecting any other items left in desks/lockers. You will also be able to pick up any medications that are stored in the office.  More information will be sent later, and this may change depending on the restriction level at that time.


Is the school office open?

 Yes, the office is currently remaining open from 8 AM to 4 PM each day. Should you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call or stop by.


Will SRCS open in the fall?

 Barring any unforeseen gubernatorial order and if the Lord allows, we are planning on opening on time in the fall. Our fall orientation day is Thursday, August 6, and the first day of school is Monday, August 10. Please stop by to reregister or set up an appointment with Mrs. Peppard if needed.


The FDOE has extended online and distance learning for Florida schools until May 1, 2020. Therefore, plans and preparations are underway currently for these additional days beyond the original FDOE order. Please read through the following information related to our ongoing educational plan. We know that this has been a unique time for everyone, and we are grateful for everyone’s flexibility! Many of you have taken time to thank our staff for all of their work, and the encouragement is appreciated more than you know! We are thankful for our school family, and we miss seeing the students each day!                                                                     4/3/2020

Computer Software Guidance



  • Elementary students will continue with the ProTeach video system, coordinated through the daily detailed education plan provided by your student’s teacher. Please help your child keep up with the lessons; we are able to view the hours that the students are logging and hope they watch as much of the lesson as possible! We do understand that certain parts of the lessons may not be pertinent, so just stay in communication with your child’s teacher as needed. Teachers are also adjusting a few parts for this new section of plans. The video log and signed education plan are necessary for required attendance records.

  • Because of the current stay-at-home order, the next packet pick-up and exchange will be conducted by the school staff on next Wednesday, April 8th. Please monitor communication from your teacher as to a more specific time window for your delivery. We are suggesting that you place the completed work either in your mailbox or in a designated box on your front porch/steps. The teacher or school staff will take the work and drop off the new packet in the box; no physical contact is necessary, and they will even Lysol the packet once it is in the box. If you are not comfortable with this arrangement, please contact your child’s teacher so that we can work out a plan for you! Also, please contact the office if your address has changed since the beginning of the year.

  • For those parents who would like to return their child’s work digitally, please read through the following options regarding submitting paper assignments digitally:

    • Many apps are available for the digital submission of written work; we have researched several of those, and it is up to you to choose one that you are comfortable with using. Some examples include Scanbot, Adobe Scan, and Camscanner (Scannable is available only for iOS). Scanbot seems to be the most user-friendly. Some phones already have scanning capabilities built into their operating systems.

    • After scanning the paperwork, please email the documents to; if your child’s teacher has instructed you to send documents directly to her, then follow her directions.

Next Important Event—Wednesday, April 8th packet exchange at your home address; Be looking for teacher communication!

Middle and High School


  • Students will continue their current schedules of Zoom classes.

  • Students will continue to submit all assessments and assignments electronically.

  • For those who may have some written assignments, please read through the following information regarding submitting paperwork digitally:

    • Many apps are available for the digital submission of written work; choose one that you are comfortable using. Some examples we have researched are Scanbot, Adobe Scan, and Camscanner (Scannable is available only for iOS). Scanbot seems to be the most user-friendly. Some phones already have scanning capabilities built into their operating systems.

    • Once scanned, the student or parent should email the document to the appropriate teacher’s school email.

  • We know that this experience is different for everyone involved, and some students may not be as technologically savvy as others, so we would appreciate your help and involvement in the set-up of these apps for your middle/high school students. Teachers are available through Google Classroom or their school email should you have any questions or concerns.