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The student forms most of his basic beliefs, concepts, and life principles before he reaches the secondary level of education. In the elementary school, great emphasis is placed on the basic fundamentals of education. Each day begins with Bible time where the students enjoy the pledges, singing, sharing prayer requests, and hearing a Bible story; Bible memorization begins in kindergarten. In the lower elementary, a strong phonics emphasis teaches sounds and blends to prepare the child for reading subjects in upper elementary. Spelling and handwriting (including cursive) are also taught throughout the elementary including rigorous grammar beginning in second grade. The math curriculum focuses on traditional methods of memorization and drill in order to build a foundation for future mathematical concepts. We believe that the basics must be mastered in the elementary grades, and parental cooperation in grade accountability and building study habits is essential. Christian character, patriotism, and American Christian heritage is also integrated in the program.


The Bible-based foundation from elementary school is continued in the Academy. Bible classes become more rigorous with textbooks, memorization, testing, and projects. Students learn to balance homework, studying, and assignments with extra-curricular activities in preparation for college. Through the Google classroom and chromebook system, students are able to see assignments, submit them, and receive feedback electronically, similar to the platforms many colleges use. The Academy follows the state requirements for credits and graduation in a college preparatory program. Furthermore, social habits, friendships, goals, and desires are established for life during these important formative years. Self-discipline, obedience, respect, submission to authority, honesty, and dependability are taught from a Christian perspective.

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