Welcome from our Administrator

Santa Rosa Christian School is here to provide a wholesome, Christian education for children in our community.  Your child's educational future depends upon the basics that he or she learns in the earliest years of school.  Our school is a place where respect and responsibility are taught and expected in all the grades.  We believe the very best Christian education provides both academic excellence and Biblical truth to its students.  Our school stresses high-quality academics with sound moral and spiritual values based upon the Word of God.  Our  teachers are dedicated to our time-tested educational philosophy, to our students, and to the Word of God.  Our student test scores indicate that we exceed the educational standards of the State of Florida.  If you desire a Christ-centered curriculum, loving teachers, and a school with a proven track record of excellence, then we urge you to give your children the proper foundation they need for life at Santa Rosa Christian School.


 Santa Rosa Christian School was founded in 1962, by Dayton and Carolyn Hobbs.  Dayton Hobbs, a native of Bagdad, Florida was founder and pastor of the Gospel Tabernacle located in the renovated Odd Fellows Hall on Forsyth Street.  Additionally, both Dr. and Mrs Hobbs were well-known as teachers and administrators in the public schools of Santa Rosa County.


In 1962, the Supreme Court made the landmark ruling that prayer in public schools was unconstitutional. A year later, the Supreme Court would rule that public Bible reading in the public schools was unconstitutional.  As hostility to Bible reading and evangelism in the public schools increased, Dr. and Mrs. Hobbs knew that they could no longer stay within the school system and be active witnesses for Christ.  After much prayer and seeking after the Lord's guidance, they stepped out in faith to pioneer the first Christian school in Santa Rosa County. 

  In the fall of 1962, in the tiny hamlet of Bagdad, Florida, the first Christian private school in Santa Rosa County opened its doors.  Using the upstairs Sunday school classrooms of the Gospel Tabernacle, Pastor Hobbs, his wife Carolyn, and two ladies, Alice Ann Smith and Joyce Steadham served as the first faculty of a student body of forty children.

    Santa Rosa Christian School began to grow.  The first year had forty students, the second year doubled to nearly eighty.  In 1964 the school had grown to 120 students and by the following fall term, the enrollment reached 240.  Portable classrooms had been added to the church to accommodate the children but soon there was no room to expand.

    In the fall of 1965, property was purchased at the present location of the school on Chestnut Street in Milton.  At that time, the land was nothing but forest.  However, after a year of clearing land and building, students filed into the main educational facility for opening day of school in the fall of 1967.  One by one, buildings began to rise from the sandy soil, and by 1974, all of the structures that are in use today were completed.  Ninety acres of land with baseball and soccer fields, a junior-Olympic size swimming pool, a gymnasium and bathhouse facility, and three playgrounds are currently available to the students who attend.

    The campus, the facilities, and the faculty and staff of Santa Rosa Christian School are a testament to the providence and provision of God.  To God be the Glory!  Great Things He Hath Done!

Mission Statement

"Santa Rosa Christian School is dedicated to the spiritual, moral, mental, and social development of youth through Bible-based education."