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Admissions Procedure

Adult Students

Parents wishing to enroll their student at SRCS must take the following steps for acceptance and admission.


Step One: Parents must first complete the registration form which is composed of four basic parts: personal information for both students and parents, emergency contact information, pick up list designations, and statement of cooperation. The non-refundable registration fee of $100 must accompany the form; the fee allows SRCS to begin the process of placing the student and requesting records.


Step Two: Parents must provide the “big three”—birth certificate, immunization record (DH 680), and physical examination health report (DH 3040). The birth certificate enables the registrar to determine appropriate grade level, and the health documents ensure the school that basic health standards are met per state law.


Step Three: Before a student is accepted, the registrar of SRCS will conduct an interview with the parents for the purpose of not only communicating the school’s philosophy, standards, and mission but also gleaning data beneficial in determining the potential success of the child at SRCS. On the academy level, the student will either interview or complete a questionnaire, indicating a willingness to conform to the deportment and academic standards of SRCS. SRCS is not a reform

school; therefore, students who have been expelled or suspended may be denied admission.


Step Four: After a successful interview process, the registrar will set up a placement test appointment and instruct the secretary to request records. The registrar will evaluate any tests and make recommendations as to the student’s placement. A student may also be put back a grade level if age allows and parents agree. If repeating a grade is not feasible, SRCS will not accept the student; the registrar will suggest remedial routes and encourage the parents to come back when the student improves. These processes, along with previous academic records, help determine the specific grade placement of the student.


Step Five: The registrar may confer with the administration before making a final decision. The parent and student interviews, transcripts, and placement test are used to assess if the school’s mission can be met in each specific case. Assessment may include communication with the previous school as well as the family’s pastor where applicable. The decision will be relayed to the family in a timely manner.


Step Six: Having accepted the student, SRCS will bill the first tuition payment, orient the student and family, and place the student in the appropriate class.




Through effective use of this policy, SRCS hopes to be equitable in dealing with all applicants. As a Christian school, SRCS desires to maintain its standards of conduct and academic excellence, and following these steps helps in the enrollment of students that God would have for each school year.

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