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On Wednesday, March 25, we will conduct a textbook and packet pick-up in the front car-line parking lot of Santa Rosa Christian School. Please adhere to the following schedule according to your child’s last name:

  • 10:00 AM  Student last names starting with A-D

  • 11:00 AM   Student last names starting with E-J

  • 2:00 PM    Student last names starting with K-O

  • 3:00 PM    Student last names starting with P-Z



  • The elementary students will continue in the Abeka curriculum by accessing ProTeach. Through this online program (accessible through phone, tablet, or computer), students will log in with their specific usernames and passwords to watch pre-selected video lessons in various subjects. The teacher will outline what lessons to watch and what assignments to complete in conjunction with watching the videos. These videos teach the same curriculum we are using in our classrooms, so this is a great option for a smooth transition into our online learning venture. Since we know that some parents must continue working, these videos can be completed any time throughout the day or evening. We do ask, however, that the student complete his or her assigned daily work. We are required to maintain attendance records, and we can fulfill this requirement by tracking each student’s progress from our end as to time spent on viewing the videos.

  • Teachers have prepared a packet which includes the following information:

    • A complete schedule that will instruct the student what to do each day through April 15

    • The individual username and password for each student to access Abeka ProTeach

    • Information on how to log in and navigate to the video lessons

    • A PDF video manual of the specific lessons that will be covered; this manual will help the parent know exactly what to do to help his or her child

    • Curricular sheets for doing daily seat work as well as learning practice materials

    • Assessment materials such as tests and quizzes—this aspect is where we will need your help as a parent to protect test security and proctor your child as he or she takes the quizzes and tests.

  • Teachers will communicate with the students on either a daily or every-other-day basis. We are currently working on platforms that will help teachers to accomplish this goal. More information will be included in the student packet.


  • Beginning on Thursday, March 26, students will resume a regular class schedule from home. Using Google Classroom and Zoom, students will be able to watch live lectures with their teachers. Please take the time now to download the Zoom app to your cell phone or link the app in your Chromebook (Zoom works very well on a smartphone). Additionally, work can be submitted through Google Docs in the classroom, and many assessments can be taken online using Google Forms and Quizlet.

  • The Department of School Choice requires the maintenance of attendance records; Zoom will allow us to see and track which students have attended each class. Therefore, please help us to make sure that your middle or high school student complies with his or her schedule. We feel that starting the school day at a normal time will be the most consistent and best option for our students. Each class will last 45 minutes with a 15-minute break between classes and at least one less period daily.

  • Each high school student will be allowed to check out a Chromebook when he or she comes for book pickup. If you already have a device that can be used at home, please do not take a Chromebook. Not taking a Chromebook unnecessarily will allow the school to have a few Chromebooks available for any middle school student who does not have a device at home. Again, these online/distance classes can be attended even from a cell phone. High school students will be involved with some writing submissions in addition to a final exam that includes a research paper in English class, so a full keyboard is essential for those students.

  • Teachers have prepared packets which include the following information:

    • A new daily class schedule for 6th-12th grade students

    • Any class codes to join newly constructed Google Classrooms

    • Information on using the Zoom app in the Google G Suite

    • Any other handouts or pertinent information to the courses

Initial Zoom Training/Testing Session:

              6th-8th: Wednesday, March 25 @ 5 PM

              9th-12th: Wednesday, March 25 @ 6 PM

We know that this is a unique time in our country, and we appreciate your cooperation and help for the ongoing education of our students! After spring break, our teachers will be frequently available, and they will include their contact information in the student packets. Thank you for allowing us to be involved in your child’s education, and we pray that God will safely carry us through this trying time.

SRCS Administration

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