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     As the oldest Christian daycare and early-childhood education program in Santa Rosa County, our purpose is to provide meaningful, fulfilling experiences for your child in this important stage of mental and physical development.  At SRCS, our experienced care-givers provide guidance and understanding while encouraging new challenges, developing self-confidence, and building positive relationships in a warm atmosphere. Children are introduced to traditional Bible stories, lessons, and songs as well as rudimentary academic readiness skills and pre-reading activities in a loving environment.


Fully accredited by the Sonshine Association of Christian Schools, Inc. 

Tara Adams


Ajaran Rodriguez

Assistant Director


K3 and K4 FEES:

Registration Fee:  $50

Enrollment Fee:   $125

Monthly Rate:      $525

All fees are non-refundable.

Extended Day Care

3:20-5:30PM  $125 per month

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