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Attendance at Santa Rosa Christian School is a privilege, not a right.  Christian standards of conduct and dress are expected at all times.  In order to continue in the school, students must comply with the standards and regulations set forth by the Board and exhibit an attitude that is in harmony with the spirit and purpose of the school.


Santa Rosa Christian School students (K-5 through 12) wear uniforms.  As educators, we recognize that how a student dresses greatly affects his deportment, his attitude toward school work, and his academic effort and achievement. 


Santa Rosa Christian has joined with French Toast Uniforms to offer a “one stop shop” for all tops and bottoms that are accepted for student dress. In general, the skirts, jumpers, shorts, and pants are navy blue, and the shirts are either light blue or grey with the school logo monogrammed. To place an order Shop our FrenchToast SchoolBox. Parents are also encouraged to sign up for FrenchToast coupons and email alerts; frequent sales are offered to customers.  


Uniform accessories are as follows:




  • Boys and girls can brown, tan, grey, black, or blue shoes including tennis shoes of the same color; some white on the bottom is acceptable (No Converse). Please keep to the neutral colors listed.

  • Boys are also to wear a belt which can be black or brown, depending on the shoe color you might want to match.


Academy (6th-12th)


  • Boys and girls may wear either the Sperry/Vans style canvas shoes in the following colors: brown, tan, grey, black, or dark blue (some white on the bottom is acceptable). Please refrain from patterned shoes or bright colors. 

  • Boys are to wear a solid colored belt which can match the shoe color, otherwise black or brown.


6th-12th Shoes: In light of the shoe policy, Academy students must also keep in mind that patterned shoes, fitkicks, and bright colors are not acceptable. Some styles of tennis shoes that are solid with minimal white bottom banding are acceptable, but Converse shoes will not be allowed. Please check with the office if you have any questions.


K-5 - 12th Grade Girls:

Please monitor the length of skirts throughout the year. The skirt should cover the knees when sitting.

Shoes with thick soles or heels are not permitted.

Hair should be styled to stay out of the eyes and face. Hair color should be natural and must not change throughout the year. Subtle highlights are permitted; however, no two tone or drastic color changes will be allowed.

Jewelry, if worn, must be worn in moderation. No hoops or dangling earrings are permitted and only one earring per earlobe, per ear. Only clear or natural shades of nail polish may be worn. Leggings that are solid black, blue, or grey are allowed, but must extend down to the ankle (no sweatpants under the skirt).  



K5-12th Grade Boys

Hair should be well above the eyebrows. Sideburns should come no lower than the middle of the ear. Hair should be trimmed in keeping with the natural hairline. Bowl cuts, closely shaved heads, or other unique haircuts and styles are unacceptable. Boys' hair should remain their natural color. 

Polo shirts must be long enough to remain tucked in. Belts are part of the uniform. Socks should be dark without bright colors or patterns. See shoe policy above.

School Jackets

Approved jackets that  can be worn throughout the day are available for purchase through French Toast. When students wear non-school jackets/sweatshirts to school, they will need to be taken off once they enter the classroom. Secondary students should leave them in their lockers throughout the day. We are working on a new crew neck school spirit sweatshirt that will be available soon. This sweatshirt along with the school sports warm-ups will be acceptable throughout the day as well. 


*This dress policy will apply to all school functions.  The administration may make exception to this policy by specifying appropriate dress for certain extra-curricular activities.



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